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Income Taxes, Tax Credits, Child Benefits, State Pension, Capital Gains, Co.Car Tax, Duties, VED updated for 2014 announcements! See blog at

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Our calculator will take your details and run them through our income tax, tax credits, state pension, company car tax, ved and duty calculators.

By comparing last years (2013) taxation rules to the rules announced for 2014 in the budget we will show if you maintain your current lifestyle, whether you will be better or worse off.

Remember, taxation is very complex and it is impossible to create a budget calculator that will satisfy everyone whilst staying easy to use - so please don't rely on this data for making important decisions.

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The 2014 UK Budget was delivered on 19th March 2014 - 55 minutes of new announcements as well as confirmation of what was previously declared as part of the Autumn Statement.

We have added all figures to allow you to see how you stand for the 2014 tax year, starting 6th April 2014.

A lot of what has been discussed today will not come into force until the start of the 2015 tax year, which will also be the year of the General Election - so we expect movement on policies. We will update these rules, rates and regulations as part of the 2015 Budget Calculator.

For a full overview of the Budget, please keep up to date with the news blog at

Our Budget Calculator was put together by using the complex tax calculation system used by our suite of UK Tax Calculators and UK Tax Calculators Wizard.

The Budget Calculator builds upon this by including lifestyle taxes and duties as well as taking into account benefits and tax credits. As the calculator is broader in its scope we have provided it for you as a separate calculator for the 2014 budget. For more precise and specific calculations for income tax, including pension schemes and salary sacrifices, including Childcare Voucher Salary Sacrifice, use our Tax Calculator website.

Our Budget Calculator includes:

The 2014 Budget proposals and other tax changes are summarised here and available at UKTaxCalculators News. The proposals could change before coming into force. The calculator and any associate information are intended to provide a loose overview and therefore include assumptions and estimates. It should not be used as a foundation for checking liability to tax or when deciding investment strategies. Although we have tried very hard to provide accurate and current figures, there is no guarantee that this information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate. You should not act upon such information without first taking professional advice and going through your circumstances in details.